How old is the playerbakes starter culture?

Starter culture

The playerbakes starter culture was first mixed together in early 2016. It took four days before it started showing signs of fermentation (just a few bubbles). It then took a good month and a half before it was producing loaves that rose even a little.

It’s made of flour (50% wholemeal, 50% strong white bread flour) and water and is the home to lacto bacilli, a probiotic bacteria. It’s this that gives the bread that sourdough flavour. It’s this that makes the bread rise.

Before we lived in the low cost, high production world that we are now sourdough was the only way to make bread. With the rise of fortified breads, dried yeast and the need to feed nations that had suffered the scourge of rationing after WWII, this noble form of baking took a back seat.

The first records of baking bread are back in Ancient Egypt [1], with the first culture to have been thought to have been a result of flour and water left on the side on a warm day. Since then not much has changed as bakers around the world and through the ages have followed a relatively similar method.

It’s this great history that really makes sourdough so special: we’re tapping into past civilisations and remembering the roots of early human cooking. The fact it’s so much better for us is just an added benefit.


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