The playerbakes story

It all started at university.

My parents were coming to meet my girlfriend for the first time and I was making lunch. With help from a popular chef’s website I made some modest loaves from commercial yeast to accompany the meal.

Three birthdays ago I received the Tartine cookbook – crafted by a renowned San Franciscan bakery – and my love affair with sourdough was destined to begin. In 2016, I set myself the goal to bake 100 sourdough loaves, all born from very own starter culture. I had countless failures, flat loaves and lessons learnt, but had been bitten by the baking bug.

Breadmaking goes back millennia: from the ancient Egyptians to the present day. The simple combination of flour, water and salt tells a romantic story and releases a flavour that can only be achieved through this minimalist approach to ingredients.

I have always believed that sourdough is an essential part of our diets, history and our lives. Playerbakes is just my way of helping people reconnect with bread, the way it’s supposed to be.