Real bread as it’s meant to be

There are very few things more satisfying than a truly great loaf: the age-old tradition of using a starter culture, the smokey smell and the crackle of the crust as it is pulled from the oven.

I’ve been learning the art of sourdough for the past few years. After selling loaves and pastries to friends and family I am now bringing my bread into the community.

the bakes


Chocolate sourdough
Chocolate, cranberry and walnut sourdough | 500g

The bitterness of the walnuts and chocolate play off the tangy cranberries to make an excellent flavour combined with a rewarding texture.

Best served with generous helpings of brie or butter.

plain sourdough 1
The classic plain sourdough | 500g or 1kg

Nothing beats the simplicity of flour, water, salt and time. It’s stonebaked and absolutely a classic.

Spelt and honey
Honey and spelt sourdough | 500g

Lighter in gluten and with a slight sweetness coming through from the honey. This one’s got character.

white potato, poppy seed and rosemary sourdough
White potato, rosemary and poppy seed sourdough | 500g

A deliciously light and fluffy loaf, infused with rosemary’s ever-charming flavour. A crowd-pleaser and fast becoming a bestseller.

Sourdough gruyere and walnut
Gruyere and walnut sourdough | 500g

Luxurious, tasty and infused with that mature gruyere flavour.  Makes unreal toasties.


Olive and rye sourdough | 500g

An even distribution of olives hidden amongst the flavouring of rye flour gives the perfect loaf to accompany meals or just as a pre-dinner snack.

Traditional rye bread | 500g

Sour and oh-so-flavoursome. With a longer proofing process and higher levels of moisture, this is the quintessential loaf.

GF loaf
Gluten-free sourdough | 500g

This loaf is made from a gluten-free starter culture (just rice flour, potato starch and water). With all the challenges of gluten-free, this has been a while in development. Best served toasted.

Sweet sourdough croissants

Plain, chocolate ganache, almond, jam, you name it.

Sourdough croissants have character. With the renowned sourdough flavour combined with buttery dough, these are luxury in a traditional pastry package.

Savoury sourdough croissants
Savoury sourdough croissants

From ricotta, lemon & thyme to toasted ham and gruyere we’ve got you covered. These are a big hit when feeding your event attendees or treating your customers at any time of the day.



Find out how we can work together in the who I bake for section below.


 mugs and tees

 Pick the style that speaks to you; let everyone know that you’re that type of person that stands for a baking style and a movement has survived millenia.


Who I bake for


With 48 hours’ notice you can get all the sweet and savoury sourdough you need at your breakfast events or meetings. Get in touch for the full menu!

Delivery to your office (Central London only)

Every Monday I send round a menu, every Thursday I deliver. The result: fresh bread delivered to you at your office weekly.

Drop me an email and I’ll add you to the list. It’s an opt-in service and one that’s proving rather popular.

Classes are coming soon.


Contact me

If you’ve got questions, the best way to reach me is by email:

Or if social’s your thing: @playerbakes


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